What We Do

Most commercial insurance brokers understand risks. However, the problem is they don’t completely understand how to manage risks. Most are trained to offer business owners just one risk management option- the transfer of risk through an insurance policy. Insurance itself is an excellent risk management tool and a staple of business success. However, an insurance broker would be of better service to their business clients by discussing their exposures teaching them how to proactively manage them.

We do more than try to sell you a commodity. We work with you to help you minimize risks. Instead of just trying to sell you an insurance policy, we want to discuss what you see as your top business risks. Our insurance consultations can identify:

-What could go wrong with your business and
-What might mitigate any losses
-How your business can fund its risk reduction strategy

At Commercial Insurance HQ, we believe that by taking a “risk management” versus a “sales” approach, we help you to:

-Reduce the number and cost of claims
-Minimize employee downtime
-Avoid making bad business decisions
-Mitigate other negative impacts of risk.

By exploring multiple risk management options, in addition to insurance, you have a greater chance of identifying coverage gaps and fixing them. Even though no risk management plan cannot eliminate all risks, it can reduce your chances of a suffering a loss.